"Being a single father, the greatest thing that would make me happy apart from my son, is to get discovered"

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The Living Dead


B.Nelson is a musician/producer/artist/rapper who has over 10 years of experience in the music industry. He is an recording artist and a live performer. He has worked with artists such as: Motown Legend Martha Reeves; Joe Hunter and Uriel Jones of The Funk Brothers, and friends cast member Matthew Perry.



He has coined the phrase and genre Holistic Hip Hop (HHH) for fact that his music is quite diverse and experimental. A HHH artist is defined as someone exploring his/her emotions and then designing the music to reflect those emotions. Even though each song have a different sound or feel, the more songs you hear from that artist the better you understand him/her as a person.


Unlike traditional hip hop music, HHH topics and beats are more emotions based rather than activity or environment based. The production is not limited to genres because it encompasses all genres, representing them all as a whole. (Calgary Rap)